Small Business Tips: The 5 T’s

Here is one of the basic and simple small business tips, or principles, I work with everyday. I call them the 5 T’s.

Everyone has them, but they don’t necessarily use them all of the time or know how to leverage them.

THE 5 T’s ARE:

  • Time – everybody has time to do things. Some tasks can take people minutes to do, for others it can take days or weeks or months. The example I like to use is writing a sales letter or preparing content for a website. There are people who are geniuses with words and can have a page done in minutes. Others have no idea where to begin, no idea of a format, no outline and it takes them a lot longer.

    The take away here is why waste YOUR time. If you are in business find someone who has strength where you have a weakness and work together to get things done faster.

  • Tools – These don’t have to be a hammer, screwdriver, or pliers. Maybe you have some spreadsheet, chart, or a series of questions to use to help solve a particular problem. Maybe someone has a tool that will help you in your business.

    The take away is ask yourself a question, “If I had a tool that would help in the area of _________________, would it help me in my business, or personal life.” Then start looking for someone with that tool. Sometimes those very same people happen to “find you.”

  • Thoughts – There are billions of the people on the planet – do you think just one of them may have some thoughts that would help you? When you create alliances you now have a built-in “thought system” where eager people are willing to help each other succeed.

  • Talents – Same as above, instead of thoughts its talent. There is so much talent on this planet; the problem is we are not using our common sense to start connecting with people and using it in an effective and efficient manner.

    The good news is everyday I see more and more people coming together and aligning with each other to make things happen.

  • Treasure – this could be lots of things, like assets, money, relationships, and partnerships in place. All this is available and “just sitting there” not being utilized to its full capability.

    The take away here is that people and businesses have “treasure” they would be willing to share with the right people. Ask yourself what treasures would you be willing to share with an alliance partner? And what treasure would you like access to from an alliance partner?

I use these 5 T’s all the time.

The question is what will you do with them? My intent is you will use them for setting up an alliance that will make your life easier.

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