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Our guiding Principles for Success!

The Ultimate Alliance between two or more businesses has to be guided by certain principles if it is to succeed. These are our guiding principles and we list them here to encourage you to adopt them for you and your business.

Meet your Business Advisor!

My name is John Beaton. I am President and CEO of Team Results as well as the primary online business alliance consultant. I’ve spent almost 30 years creating innovative growth strategies for companies of every size, locally, nationally and internationally.

Alliance Strategy 101
Too often, business owners create alliance plans or jump into action without taking the time to fully understand who they are, the problems they have and the goals they want to achieve.. The following questions should form the basis of your alliance strategy.

We have several types of Alliances!

Which type of alliance is best for you? The answer will become clear as you move through the alliance process and gain a deeper understanding of your problems, goals and strengths.

We have several types of Marketing Services!

We offer six online business alliance service levels. Depending on your requirements and resources, you may need a minimal amount of help or a lot.

We have Marketing Plans!

If you’re struggling with your small business marketing and have a burning drive to help your clients while simultaneously growing your profits, you may want to say good-bye to other marketing strategies and explore the alliance approach.

Big Business Results from your Alliance Advisor

Crafting a successful alliance requires knowledge you may not have right now, as well as insight into the underlying problems you’re experiencing, awareness of where you want to be, and a strategy that ensures success. It also requires a solid understanding of business-to-business marketing. 

Do you have questions? We have answers!

An alliance occurs when like-minded people work together and share their time, skills and/or assets to achieve a common goal.

Please feel free to Contact me!

If you have any questions or would like book a consultation, just fill out this short form.

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