Alliance FAQs

What exactly is an alliance?
An alliance occurs when like-minded people work together and share their time, skills and/or assets to achieve a common goal.

Why should I use or create an alliance?
There are so many reasons to create alliances for your business that it’s impossible to list them all. Here are just a few of the benefits of a working alliance:

  • Get a competitive advantage
  • Build on your strengths so you have more to offer your clients by adding the strengths of your alliance partner to your own
  • Generate revenue
  • Save time and money
  • Join the revolution as alliances between businesses become increasingly common
  • Take advantage of opportunities that come your way instead of having to pass on them
  • Enhance your credibility, your company image and reputation
  • Grow your company's value or equity faster

How do I start building an alliance?
Research, research, research. The most critical element of building a successful alliance is to thoroughly research your own business and those of your potential partners. Good research can save time and money. In fact, the information you discover can even affect your decision to move ahead with building alliances. Maybe you’ll discover you don’t enjoy working with other business owners. Since relationships are the foundation of alliances, you may need to adjust your thinking or choose a different growth strategy.

What is the purpose of alliances?
Alliances, built and managed properly, make your business and personal life easier and more enjoyable. You get to do what you like and build on your strengths. You also enjoy the benefit of having more time to do other things. \

At the same time you generate more revenue in less time. And, of course, your clients receive better products and services so they benefit too.

I heard most alliances fail. Is that true?
That is true. Most alliances fail. But don’t let that scare you. The biggest reason for failure is because the alliance wasn’t built properly from day one.

By taking the time to develop a proper relationship with the right kind of people and structure your alliance correctly, you will be on the way to being a success.

There is a direct relationship between trust, relationships and success. As trust and relationships increase, creativity, synergy (minds working together in harmony), and an expansion of possibilities takes place. With this expansion, more and more opportunities come your way.

When you act on those opportunities you can truly create value for others and for your self and the alliance will succeed.

What should I take into consideration when setting up an alliance?
Be willing to take the time to focus and commit to properly setting up an alliance. Look at it as an extension of your business; something you want to last. If you are not willing to dedicate time and effort into properly setting up an alliance, don’t even start. You will be wasting your time and everyone else’s.

Successful people are willing to come together to form an alliance because they know they don’t have all the resources or all the answers. By coming together they realize they can accomplish more with less.

Why are alliances important?
First, see the answer to the question above: Why should I use or create an alliance?

Secondly, more and more businesses are entering into alliances. If your competition has at least one strong alliance and is reaping the benefits, how are you going to compete?

Now imagine if they have three or more alliances …how long can you compete?

Let’s turn this around. What if you are the business that has one, two or more strong alliances? Imagine what you can offer your clients.

By developing proper alliances you can become known as the “go-to business for alliance partners”.

Will alliances work for everyone?
Alliances work for virtually ANY type of business. When you commit yourself to the program, follow the steps consistently and take action, you are on your way to a successful alliance. I’ve found that the action-oriented go-getters get the best results.

What will I need to do?
You need to be really SERIOUS about the success of your business and eager to get going and take action. You also need to leave your ego at the door and be willing to collaborate in an open-minded atmosphere.

Just as you’re cautious about selecting the coach/consultant you work with, we are also cautious when selecting the clients we work with. We are committed to ensuring that the work we do together produces the results you want. However, in order to achieve outstanding profitable results, YOU must be determined and prepared to do the work. That means you must be willing to implement the strategies that will get you the desired results. You’re expected to take consistent action and we’ll give you full support on your journey.

Do NOT contact us if you’re negative or a chronic skeptic. We also don't work with business owners who procrastinate or constantly make excuses for not doing the work that is required to reach their business goals once we show them how to do this step-by-step and give them tools and support.

How will you work with me?
People learn and work in different ways. Because of this, The Alliance System comes in a variety of formats and includes free information, coaching and programs. We will teach you the strategies and techniques required to build and manage your alliance and you can expect your business to blossom providing you are committed to implementing the valuable information you have been given.

How does Team Results differ from other business coach or consultant companies?

  1. Other coaches and consultants provide support as you try to figure out how to move forward. Our business coaches or consultants specialize in creating alliances that work and showing you how to apply alliance strategies to grow your business, supporting you all the way.
  2. Our narrow focus gives you 100% expertise on what works when implementing successful alliances in your business.
  3. We look at your business as our own and provide the information, insights and systems we would use to create an alliance in our own businesses.
  4. We understand that as a small business, you don't want academic theories. You need tried and proven, down-to-earth information that you can immediately apply to your business so you can begin to see profitable results in the shortest time possible.
  5. We walk the talk. We have been working with and creating alliances for over 25 years. We have been asked to come into companies and get their alliance back on track and to help companies create alliances to take advantage of multiple opportunities. What that means to you is that you get maximum results in minimum time because of our experience setting up new alliances from scratch, fixing failing alliances and even helping end alliances that just aren’t working.
  6. We believe in leveraging alliances and resources as much as possible and work on the basis that alliances must be accountable for results. This ensures you do not waste your resources on an alliance that doesn’t work.

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