Meet Your Online Business Alliance Consultant

Hi and welcome to Team Results Inc., a unique online business alliance consultant firm with one major goal:

Helping small businesses, professionals and consultants succeed through business alliances.

My name is John Beaton. I am President and CEO of Team Results as well as the primary online business alliance consultant. I’ve spent almost 30 years creating innovative growth strategies for companies of every size, locally, nationally and internationally.

Why I prefer alliances (and you will too!)

I’m actually a big believer in harmony. It’s something I take from nature, where everything is in harmony.

A good alliance—a strong, successful business alliance—happens when there is harmony between the goals and strengths and working strategies of both partners.

The Shamans use the term “Ayni”: to be in perfect balance with your surroundings. I try to bring Ayni into every alliance I create because when there is balance and harmony, success happens.

As an advisor and an online business alliance consultant, I’ve worked all over the world with a vast range of companies, from one-man operations to billion-dollar corporations, and I have seen business alliances perform time and again. I know they work and I know they can work for you.

Work is part of life

What is the point of business success? For me, it’s to create a meaningful life that includes financial independence, purpose and service.

As I work with you as your online marketing consultant, I know you’ll see powerful changes in your business. But I also urge you to be prepared for that change to spill into the rest of your life, as you enter a more energetic, exciting, fulfilling and passionate period of growth.

I look forward to allying with you!


John Beaton


Many people ask why my online business alliance firm works primarily with small businesses, professionals and entrepreneurs. Wouldn’t I rather stay with the huge corporations?

Well, no.

Small businesses and their owners are the foundation of every community. The better they do, the better the entire community does.

Secondly, I grew up on a farm; I know what it is like to live in a community where people work together to help everyone succeed.

Thirdly, my father was a commissioned cattle buyer and gave me first-hand insights into the life of the entrepreneur at an early age.

So although I’ve worked with billion-dollar corporations and advised numerous oil and gas companies on a wide array of business issues, I prefer to work as an online marketing consultant for those who need me most; people who can use my knowledge and the skills I give them to achieve and even surpass their business goals.

It’s just more fun!

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