What Does This Business Advisor Know
That You Don’t Yet?

If you are looking for a business advisor who can help your company finally break through to faster growth, you have come to the right website.

Team Results Inc. specializes in helping companies like yours to build strong and successful ALLIANCES. A business alliance is a simple agreement between two or more businesses to work together using each company’s unique strengths to the benefit of the alliance.

There are 5 basic types of alliances that can benefit your company:

  1. Sales alliance involves companies that come together to sell complementary products or services to the benefit of both companies.
  2. Solution specific alliance occurs when two companies agree to jointly develop and sell a specific product or service in the marketplace. Each company brings their strengths and what they do best to the solution and together they enjoy a success they could not have realized separately.
  3. Geographic alliance occurs when two companies agree to market their products or services in different geographic regions. Companies use this to expand their products quickly into a larger geographic area or worldwide.
  4. Investment alliance involves money obviously and it can be one company investing in the product development of another or both companies pooling their investments to take advantage of business opportunities together.

  5. Joint venture alliance is when two or more companies combine their talents, money and business skills to produce products and services that can only come from a synergy of efforts.

What a lot of companies can use right now is a Business Advisor who specializes in helping companies form these alliances for mutual benefit. That’s exactly what Team Results, Inc. does.

Can we help your company with an experienced business advisor to identify business alliances that will complement your strengths and allow for rapid growth? Please take a few minutes to explore this website. There is a lot of free information you can use immediately and you can check out our specific services offered by visiting Who We Service.

Thank you for your time and we look forward to working with you now or in the future.

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