Business-to-Business Marketing Services

Do you need help with business-to-business marketing so you can form business partnerships through strong alliances and grow faster?

We would love to help you.

We offer six online business alliance service levels. Depending on your requirements and resources, you may need a minimal amount of help or a lot.

Perhaps you understand b2b marketing and only need someone to guide you through the planning stages. You will therefore choose level 1 or 2. Or you may not want to involve yourself in b2b marketing (You have your own business to run, right?) or just want to ensure your alliance is created, managed and monitored properly. Perhaps level 5 or 6 is right for you.

Online Business Alliance Service Levels

  1. Strategy for Creating Alliances – Get crystal clear on why you want an alliance and what it will do for you before you start trying to build one through business-to-business
  2. marketing.

  3. Assess the Opportunities – Create a clear statement of your intended outcome and then make sure it matches your business objectives through careful analysis.
  4. Define the Alliance Project – A detailed look at everything required to create a successful alliance, including resources and measurements and identifying alternatives.
  5. Determine a Negotiating Strategy – Taking you from step one all the way to the negotiation stage, including preparing your agreement.
  6. Track Your Success – Our highest level of service in which we stay with you to monitor, measure and evaluate the performance of your alliance.
  7. Into the Future – From start to finish and beyond. Plan for continuous evolution and implement complementary long-term strategies for constant growth.

What can you expect from us?

When you ask Team Results and John Beaton to work with you and help you with your business-to-business marketing and alliance creation, you are creating an alliance with us.

Please be assured that we focus on giving you value. Through your work with us, you will build alliances but you’ll also achieve clarity, balance and focus and be able to achieve your business goals easily and economically.

We work with you to:

  • Identify the problems you face and the goals you want to achieve
  • Give you insights into what you need to move forward
  • Create strategic solutions to those problems
  • Find the right alliance partner
  • Ensure you avoid potential problems
  • Implement solutions that work

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