Business Tips & Techniques

These are just a few of the business tips and techniques I will be sharing with you on this website.

TIP # 1
Create two lists. One list Title “What You Have”, the other “What You Need” (this is what you need to help your business grow)

Here are some ideas for the list; products, services, technology, relationships, assets, capital, brands, trademarks, credibility, interests, other connections businesses, people you know, distribution, customers, clients, subscribers, gain entry to new markets, advertising models and/or templates, access to sales staff/techniques, marketing.

Take a look at both lists; you now have something to offer and something to look for in an alliance partner. Ask yourself, “What are my areas of opportunities with an alliance?”

TIP # 2
Once you get one successful alliance underway you can begin more alliances
in other cities, provinces/states, countries, continents.

TIP # 3
Take the time to set up an alliance properly.
When you do, others will begin to approach you for alliances.Strive to be the “one to go to for alliances” in your industry.

Your prospective partners should have similar goals, methods of operations and corporate cultures

TIP # 4
Have someone in your business be the one who manages and champions the alliance.
When you set up an alliance, you have created a valuable asset and relationship and you want to keep it that way. This is not a one time event.

Prepare alliance, mission, strategy & goals statements.

TIP # 5
Determine how you will measure and monitor the alliance progress and success.

It could be things like;

  • Market Impact
  • Increased sales
  • Joint product developments
  • Increased revenues
  • Faster response to customer needs
  • Shortened sales cycle time
  • Shortened product development cycle
TIP # 6
Know and understand that alliances change and evolve.
You need to be flexible and have excellent and frequent communications with your alliance partner.

Einstein came up with a formula:

E=m c²

E represents energy
m represents mass
c² equals the speed of light squared

I use his famous formula this way:

E represents Evolution
m represents masters
c² represents the two words “committed to change”

Evolution = Masters Committed to Change

When masters (people who are good at what they do) get together in an alliance and they are committed to change … things WILL EVOLVE.

TIP # 7
Ask yourself

What if you had the...

  • right alliance partner
  • with the right attitude
What could you do together that you cannot do separately?

TIP # 8
Take time to identify all activities that will need to take place in your business to adjust for the changes of working with an alliance partner.

How will this affect your current resources?
Will you need some additional resources to make the alliance work?
Allow yourself time to work on creating the alliance, properly set it up and maintain it.


“The FUTURE depends on what we do in the PRESENT”
- Mahatma Gandhi

“We are one, we are all in some form of unity emerging and our task is to remember that not only do we pledge allegiance alone to a particular flag but we pledge allegiance to the Earth and it's sky and it's waters and all of it's cultures as a collective enterprise that still has an extraordinary journey ahead of it."
- James O'Dea

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